Training Guide for Violence Prevention

TEACH-VIP 2 can be used as a basis for training a variety of audiences ranging from students in schools of public health or medicine to officials from government and nongovernmental organizations.
“Capacity building for injury prevention is one of the main challenges facing the injury prevention area today. The need is very obvious – injuries are a major global public health problem that has largely been overlooked.Public health students generally receive only a very rudimentary exposure to topics related to injury prevention. Doctors and nurses learn about the management of trauma and injuries but rarely have exposure to the latest knowledge on prevention.
TEACH-VIP 2 is the first major revision and update of the original TEACHVIP currriculum, and is provided here in its entirety on CD-ROM with its use described further in this manual. Some of the areas of revision in this edition include: newer case examples, updated data, newer graphics, and new lesson content addressing areas such as child injury, alcohol and violence, intimate partner and sexual violence, and policy. “
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