Teenagers’ Action and Interactions Online. Potentials and Empowerment, Risks and Victimization

Teenagers’ Actions and Interactions Online in Central and Eastern Europe. Potentials and Empowerment, Risks and Victimization, Edited by Monica Barbovschi and Maria Diaconescu

The idea that the new communication technologies are able to create new social practices and to shape human behavior has stirred up multiple controversies and radically opposed side takings, especially when it comes to certain social-demographic categories seen as “risk-prone”. Recent tendencies in the evolution of computer mediated technology and web content have led to the rejection of a rigid technological determinism and instead, they have shifted the discourse towards a consideration of various influences on behavior and actions, both online and offline.

“Risks and Effects of Internet Use among Children and Adolescents. The Perspective of Evolution towards the Knowledge Society” is a 2-year research project financed by the Romanian Ministry of Education under a CNCSIS (National University Research Council) grant scheme (2007-2008)1 that proposes an inventory of types of uses, gratifications and effects generated by the Internet use in Romania, with specific focus on the categories of children and teenagers, strongly represented among the Internet users, categories that most certainly present specific problems and risks.