Preventing sexual violence on college campuses

This document describes the best practices in developing, selecting, and implementing prevention strategies with the highest chance of successfully changing sexual violence in communities. A description of programs that work, programs that may work, and programs that don’t work are also included. Parts Two and Three include examples of what college campuses are currently implementing to prevent sexual violence. While we have a lot to learn about how best to stop campus sexual violence before it starts, there are important steps that college campuses can take now to better address sexual violence. The final section of Part One (pages 11 and 12) provides guidance to college campuses on what they can do now to prevent sexual violence. Campuses should consider: using data to better understand sexual violence and student needs; developing comprehensive prevention plans that include campus-wide policy, structural and social norms components; selecting prevention strategies based on best practices and available evidence; evaluating strategies that are implemented; and sharing lessons learned.

Preventing Sexual Violence on College Campuses 2014