If the media calls: a guide for crime victims and survivors

A Quick Guide: Things To know

  • You always have a choice about whether to speak to the media or not. If you choose to speak with the media it is important to understand that you will have little control over what is actually reported and how it is presented to the public (see pages 5, 6 & 7).
  • Never speak “off the record”. Everything you say during an interview is on the record. Take time to prepare for an interview and consider having a support person with you. You may also wish to appoint a spokesperson to deliver consistent messages to the media (see pages 3,10 & 11).
  • If a police investigation is ongoing or criminal proceedings are underway, media coverage can affect this process and potentially impact the criminal case. It is important to discuss what you can and cannot say with the police, Crown Attorney or victim services prior to speaking with the media (see pages 5 & 7).

If the media calls a guide for crime victims and survivors